Home for rent in Abaco, Bahamas

F . A . Q . s
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Where exactly is DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse located?

DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse are private, but not remote. DoneReach is 4.5 miles from Marsh Harbour International Airport. Taxis meet all flights. We are located three miles outside of downtown Marsh Harbour on a narrow peninsula called Eastern Shore, at the northeasternmost point of Great Abaco Island. There are about thirty houses along the sand and stone road accessing Eastern Shore. The peninsula is about one mile in length and 200 feet wide from sea to sea! DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse are approximately two-thirds of the way to the end of Eastern Shore peninsula. As you can see from the map below, DoneReach, the villa, faces westward on the Sea of Abaco. DoneReach Boathouse is on the other side of the property and fronts eastwardly overlooking Sugarloaf Cay and Eastern Creek or Sugerload Channel.

Is a rental boat or car necessary?

We recommend renting a boat for all or part of your visit, and using a taxi occasionally to go out to dinner or visit the grocery store.

With your rental boat you'll have be able to visit and explore the nearby cays, beaches and reefs, and "go to town" for provisions. You can keep your rental boat at our private dock.

Taxis are readily available and inexpensive for occasional use.

Albury's Ferry dock is a short walk from Done Reach. Ferries run regularly to Hopetown on Elbow Cay, Man O' War Cay and Guana Cay for those who'd rather not have a rental boat of their own.

Bikes and mopeds are also available for rental in Marsh Harbour.

Are there any grocery stores nearby?

Marsh Harbour offers three well-stocked grocery stores which are open seven days a week (Sunday until 2pm) about three miles from DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse.

We recommend that you stop at one of the grocery stores (and a liquor store for some delicious Coconut Rum!) on your way from the airport to stock up on some things you might like for your stay. Your taxi driver will happily wait for you but there is a waiting time charge so ask your taxi driver what it is. You should plan for just a couple of days to get started and tide you over. Usually things like tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, etc. will be in the fridge at DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse. Undoubtedly, you'll return to the store at least once after you're settled in.

As for the price of groceries . . . you'll find some interesting items which you can't get at home and some items which are less expensive than comparable items at home, but . . . generally, since everything has to be shipped to the island, expect prices to be anywhere from 20 to 40 percent higher than you're used to.

Can we walk to town?

Sure. It's only about three miles to "the" traffic light in the center of Marsh Harbour. Good for some exercise, but from our experience unless you really like to walk, take your rental boat, bike or car; or, to go shopping, call a taxi!

What about restaurants?

We have several very nice restaurants of various types nearby. From the upscale (still no fancy dress required!) to the quick and easy, romantic or family style! During the day for lunch, and/or brunch on Sundays, there are a number of nice, fun places in and around Marsh Harbour and on the Cays that are accessible by boat. For dinner, since you may not operate your boat after dark, call a taxi. Sorry, no after-hours places and no loud, swinging disco bars!

How far to a beach and snorkeling?

We have our own private sand terrace beach and wonderful live coral snorkeling just 25 or so yards off our beach! And, we're surrounded by great ocean beaches and reefs just a short hop in any direction in your rental boat.

Do you provide linens?

Yes. DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse are fully furnished so you don't need to worry about that!

Is beach, snorkeling, scuba and fishing gear available?

DO bring at least two beach towels for each person and your own snorkel, scuba and/or fishing gear. If you don't have snorkeling gear, we recommend you get yourself some, you won't regret it! Buy a good mask and snorkel tube, and save whatever money you can on the fins. The mask is more important for proper fit than the fins.

Some of the boat rental places and dive shops will also rent you snorkeling, scuba and fishing gear.

Do I need a passport?

All returning US citizens are required to have a passport. Bahamas Immigration is very strict on your having proof of citizenship. A driver's license will not do! A passport or an original birth certificate with a raised seal (NOT A COPY) is acceptable along with some other picture ID. Please use this link to the Department of State for passport information - click here.

Are there any medical facilities and/or doctors nearby?

Yes. Marsh Harbour Clinic has 2 doctors and a nurse and about 3 miles from DoneReach. Telephone 242-367-2510 in advance for any pre-visit medical questions and/or individual precautionary needs. There are two private medical clinics in town - Abaco Family Medicine (242-367-2295) and Marsh Harbour Medical Centre (242-367-0049) and there are also two dentists' offices in town.

Is there a telephone at DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse and how may long distance calls be made and received?

Yes, we do have a telephone at DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse. The number is 242-699-3067 and is dialed from the U.S. just as any other long distance call, preceeded by a "1".

Long distance calls may be received at DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse, except as an incoming collect call. Long distance calls may be placed from DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse as an outgoing collect call, placed through the operator, or by using your credit card or other phone calling card (see your cards for dialing instructions). There is no country code involved for calls made to the U.S. Just a "1", the area code and the number.

All calls made to the U.S. are long distance calls and all calls made to a "1-800" or other "toll-free" number in the U.S. are not toll free from the Bahamas and must be made as any other long distance call.

Your security deposit will continue to be held after your departure from DoneReach until monthly telephone bills are received and cleared. You will be charged for all long distance telephone charges incurred during your stay at DoneReach.

Is there internet service at DoneReach and DoneReach BoatHouse?

Yes, we have wireless, high-speed cable internet service.