Home for rent in Abaco, Bahamas

Print up this page and take it with you.

Do not be afraid! It's easy! Just remember that Channel 16 is only used to hail whomever it is you wish to speak to.
Once hailed, select another channel, switch over and talk
For Example: If you want to rent a boat, turn on the VHF (it is automatically tuned to Channel 16). Push to mike button and say "D&E Boat Rentals, D&D Boat Rentals. This is DoneReach." Let go of the mike button and wait for the reply. You may have to repeat until a reply is given. The reply will be "This is D&D, what channel?" You pick another channel, say "12" (or "14" or whatever you pick), and say "go to one-two" (or one-four or whatever). D&D will acknowledge by repeating the channel back to you, both of you will switch over to the channel you pick and have your conversation.
If you want a taxi, you must use Channel 06 instead of Channel 16. Once hailed, you can go right ahead to speak to the taxi on Channel 06.
If you want a taxi after you have arrived at DoneReach we recommend using either Taxi 7 (Miss Lilly), Taxi 127 (Elthea), Taxi 1 (Victor Russell) or Taxi 15 (Fernley Lowe). However, all the taxi drivers are equally friendly and helpful.
Please note that from the airport, taxis are assigned by cooperative lottery; however once you've arrived, you may call any taxi you wish.

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