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Proof of Citizenship - A passport or an original (not a copy) birth certificate (a driver's license will not do) is acceptable to enter the Bahamas. All returning US citizens are required to have a passport. Please use this link to the Department of State for passport information - click here.
Special Articles - Bring all prescription drugs or medications used, sunscreens in varying strengths, insect repellant. The local stores have a limited and pricey selection.
Beach Gear - At least 2 beach towels per person, your own snorkeling, scuba and/or fishing gear.
Food - Grocery stores are open 7 days a week except certain holidays so there is no need to bring food with you. All food products except citrus fruits may be brought into the Bahamas.
Clothing - Sunwear, swimsuits and casual clothes are the order of life here. Keep valuables to a minimum.
Cash - All restaurants and shops accept most major credit cards as do other island establishments, but cash will be needed for taxis, liquor, food and incidentals. United States or Bahamian currency are used at a one for one rate. Most places DO NOT accept traveller's checks!


MedicalMarsh Harbour Clinic has 2 doctors and a nurse and about 3 miles from DoneReach. Telephone 242-367-2510 in advance for any pre-visit medical questions and/or individual precautionary needs. There are two private medical clinics in town - Abaco Family Medicine (242-367-2295) and Marsh Harbour Medical Centre (242-367-0049) and there are also two dentists' offices in town.

Although there is telephone service at DoneReach and DoneReach Boathouse, the local way to communicate to call taxis, make reservations for dinner or arrange a boat rental, etc. is all done via our VHF radio. Click here for the instruction page!

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